Abroma Augusta, Devil's Cotton Tree 10 Seeds

If you need a little purple color in your landscaping, consider this unique evergreen tree native from Asia to Australia. Unique dark maroon flowers form in late spring that reach up to 3 inches across. Attractive to bees, butterflies and birds.

This small tree is great for compact landscapes or containers, growing only to a height of about 10 feet (2.5 m) with very little spread. The leaves will reach 8 inches (20 cm) across and are 3-5 lobed with very distinct palmate veins. The leaves and stems are covered with soft bristly hairs that are irritating to the touch. The bark yields a jute-like fiber.
Propagated from seed that will germinate in about one months time at 72° F (24°C). Prefers full sun to partial shade with a rich well-drained soil. They are very fast growing, so re-potting should be done when they outgrow their containers.
USDA Zone 8

This offer is for 10 small seeds, but still manageable.

Abroma Augusta, Devil's Cotton Tree 10 Seeds
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