Alberta Magna, Natal Flame Bush, Breekhout 8 Seeds

Alberta Magna
Also known as The Natal Flame Bush, Breekhout

This is a very impressive indigenous shrub or tree, especially when in flower or fruit. Not only treasured by tree collectors and gardeners for its beauty, but also because it is a protected tree and deserves to be planted in greater numbers.
Growing to 10 meters, seldom 13 meters, with its glossy dark green leaves that show off the striking scarlet flowers which appear in the early Spring. The flowers have showy brilliant red bracts which remain long after the flowers themselves have fallen. Making the tree most ornamental for many months. A good tree for small gardens and being planted right next to a house. Sub-tropical where no heavy frosts occur or the air is too dry, and GREAT for coastal gardens. Does well in regions where there is high rainfall as well. The Albertia manga is usually slow growing, but it will flower while still small. Seeds germinate best with age or ripening off.

Family: Rubiaceae (Gardenia)

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Alberta Magna, Natal Flame Bush, Breekhout 8 Seeds
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