Brachychiton Discolor Tree, 100 Seeds

Brachychiton Discolor
Also known as: Lacebark Tree, Lace Kurrajong, Pink Kurrajong, Scrub Bottle Tree.

Australia is known for some of the worlds most beautiful plants and trees. This attractive tree grows in the drier parts of the Eastern Australian rainforest. It is a medium sized tree growing to about 20-30 meters tall with a canopy width of 30 feet. The trunk is straight, grey and cylindrical, up to 75 cm in diameter. Not buttressed at the base. Twigs hairy, brown and smooth. Leaves are hairy; lobed in three, five or seven points. The fruit/seed pods are hairy boat shaped follicles maturing from December to July. These capsules have irritant hairs and are best collected using gloves and lucky for you this has already been done with the seeds we offer here!
It is partly deciduous, which means it may or may not lose its leaves before flowering. The large, textured bell-shaped flowers occur in clusters at the ends of the branches. The epithet 'discolor' comes from the Latin for 'two different colors', so they can range from deep pink to pale red.
It is suitable for full sun to light shade and is drought tolerant. Some sources say this species is frost tolerant and some say to avoid frost, so we recommend USDA zone 9b and up. We have no experience with this tree with frost temperatures, so caution is advised. 

This offer is for 100 seeds.

*We also offer packs of 10 seeds.

Brachychiton Discolor Tree, 100 Seeds
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