Callistemon Viminalis 5,000 -10,000 Seeds

Callistemon Viminalis
Also known as: The Weeping Bottle Brush 

This beautiful evergreen small tree is very popular for its ornamental value, and is used for decorative plantations across lawns and parking lots. It is native to the states of New South Wales and Queensland in Australia where it often occurs along watercourses. It grows up to 30 feet in height and can be pruned after flowering to maintain shape and improve flowering. It can take on the look of a large weeping shrub if you never shape it. The stunning flowers look like bottle brushes, are 4 to 10 cm in length and about 3 to 6 cm in diameter. It will put on a show from spring and all throughout summer. Woody seed capsules are placed close to the branches. It will release the very small powdery seeds in no less then a year and can take up to many years . Some report that fresh seed is not the most viable.
Many species of birds including hummingbirds visit the flowers for the nectar, as do all the neighboring squirrels.

It is extremely adaptable in cultivation. The plant is highly drought tolerant but for optimum results it should be planted in moist well-drained soil. Full sunlight for better growth. The species is susceptible to frost damage while small and suitable protection is necessary. However, once established some report this species can handle light frost (32F).
MYRTACEAE (Myrtle family).

Below choose from either 5,000+ seeds (10 packs as example shown in the last photo)

or 10,000+ (approximate) seeds (20 packs as example shown in the last photo).

*We also offer this species in amounts of 500+, and 1,000+ seeds. For larger amounts please email us!

Callistemon Viminalis 5,000 -10,000 Seeds
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