Dais Cotinifolia Seeds, South African PomPon Tree / Shrub

Dais Cotinifolia
Also known as: The PomPon Tree, Pincushion tree, Torch Tree, Kannabast

This is one of the best known and well-loved indigenous trees from the Eastern part of South Africa. Tough enough to be used as a street tree and small enough to fit into most gardens, only growing to about 18' or 6 meters, if that.

Flowers profusely during the summer months.
The new flower buds look like lollypops, with big round heads on long thin stems at the end of the branches. The green heads pop open with the many small fragrant flowers in tight bunches inside, looking like pink fluff balls. The veins of the leaves are a translucent yellow color, forming very clear patterns as they run through the leaves. The common name ‘Kannabast’ refers to the bark, which provides strong fibers that make an excellent quality rope and thread.

Fast growing, fairly drought resistant once established and frost hardy. Grows easily from seed and usually seeds itself all over the garden. Although tolerant of several degrees of frost when mature, young plants need to be protected.

This offer is for 6 seeds.

Dais Cotinifolia Seeds, South African PomPon Tree / Shrub
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