Dombeya Cacuminum, Rare Strawberry Snowball 8 Seeds

Dombeya Cacuminum
The Strawberry Snowball Tree

Dombeya Cacuminum is a absolutely beautiful evergreen tree from Madagascar, and we are so excited to be able to offer seeds now. It is a narrow upright tree to 50 feet tall with large maple-like leaves and in spring the 1 foot wide clusters of coral/strawberry colored flowers hang at the branch tips. Unlike other Dombeya species in cultivation, the flowers drop to the ground prior to drying, making for a floral display on the ground and a much more attractive tree in and out of bloom.

Hardy to 28° F. Plant in full sun once established and water deeply and infrequently.

These are rare & hard to find seeds, they are small but still manageable.

This offer is for 8 seeds.

Dombeya Cacuminum, Rare Strawberry Snowball 8 Seeds
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