Erythrina Acanthocarpa seed, African Tambookie Thorn Shrub Tree

Erythrina Acanthocarpa
Also known as: Tambookie Thorn

Here is a rare and extremely attractive large shrub or small tree from Queenstown district in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. It is a deciduous, thorny shrub that will grow to 6 - 8' in time.
The ornamental flowers are scarlet with the upper petal edged with yellow and are held in heads up to 10cm long and about 12cm wide. A sensationally looks like candy corn! The foliage is compound with three leaflets and bear numerous hooked, sharp, purplish-black prickles. The seeds are brown and larger than those of other Erythrina species.
The trunk and roots tend to get quite large compared to the rest of the plant, and should avoid being planted near driveways and sidewalks. It performs best in a full sun position planted in well drained soil. Do not overwater and keep relatively dry in winter. It is frost hardy to the upper 20°s F.
This makes a great bonsai looking specimen.

This offer is for 1 large seed.

*Very limited quantity of seed available.

Erythrina Acanthocarpa seed, African Tambookie Thorn Shrub Tree
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