Freesia Alba 10 Seeds, Freesia Picta, Wild Freesia

Freesia Alba
synonym: Freesia picta, Wild Freesia

One of the most rewarding Cape bulbs to grow from Africa due to its showy white spring flowers, exquisite perfume fragrance and relative ease in cultivation. Mainly coastal species from the winter rainfall regions growing in sandy or stony soil. The sword-shaped green leaves that taper to a sharp point reach 12 inches tall and resemble the fan of an iris plant. The leaves produce parallel ridges over the veins running from the base of the leaf to the tip. The cream to white blossoms grows on the end of a separate flower stalk about the same height as the leaves. Two to eight blooms grow on each stem at the end where the stem turns to grow horizontally instead of vertically. Each trumpet-shaped flower reaches 2 inches long and flares 2 inches wide at the end of the petals. The lowest petal is marked with a yellow thumbprint, and most varieties produce a purple tint on the back of the petals. Each flower is symmetrical, which means each half is exactly the same.
It is a geophyte, i.e. a plant that produces underground buds (bulbs, corms, tubers or rhizomes). In this case, the underground part is a corm, conical in shape, about 10 mm wide at the base, and covered with tunics of finely netted fibers.

They grow best in full sun to light shade in a well drained soil. The bulbs are best left to naturalise and will only need to be lifted for division every three or four years. Frost tender to half hardy (USDA zone 9) and thus needs protection in very cold climates. Freesias are suitable for pots, mass plantings, beds and borders.
Be sure to plant them where you can enjoy their sweet smell! 

This offer is for 10 seeds.

Freesia Alba 10 Seeds, Freesia Picta, Wild Freesia
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