Gloriosa Orange Glory Vine Seeds, Climbing Flame Lily

Gloriosa Orange Glory
Also known as: Climbing Lily, Gloriosa Lily, Flame Lily, Glory Lily

A lovely variation of the Flame Lily which is native to South Africa and Asia. This one has vibrant orange colored flowers with frilled petals that adorn the numerous vigorous multi-branching stems in midsummer. A low climber that's easy to grow with patience. At maturity it can reach 5-6' tall and produce 12 or more flowers of exceptional beauty per plant. It grows fast in warm weather, blooms, then dies down to the ground. After a spell, another vine emerges from the tuberous root. Over time you will have plenty. Tendrils form at the tips of the leaves that are used for plant support and climbing. They make great cut flowers and are often used in wedding bouquets.

A truly spectacular conservatory plant, and also suitable for potting. It is a tuberous perennial and will not tolerate frost and freezing temperatures. Bulbs can easily be protected or dug up for the winter. Needs full sun and rich soil. Feed and water regularly in summer. It takes about one to three months for the seeds to germinate, but well worth it!
*All parts, especially tubers/bulbs contain Alkaloids (colchicine and others) and resins that if ingested is HIGHLY TOXIC, MAY BE FATAL IF EATEN! Don't panic, just don't eat them......

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Gloriosa Orange Glory Vine Seeds, Climbing Flame Lily
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