Kolkwitzia Amabilis Seeds, Beauty Bush

A large deciduous shrub noted for gracefully arching branches that are covered with blossoms in mid to late spring. Blooms create a spectacular mass show, making wonderful cut flowers, and are exquisite close-up as well: lavender outer tube, light pink petals fading to white, with the lower three in each flower detailed in a golden netted pattern. Blossoms are followed by conspicuous pinkish brown, bristly fruits that prolong color display. Brown, flaky bark gradually peels from stems during winter.

Grows 10'-12' tall and the same wide. Considered to be a perennial and said to be able to grow in zones 2-11.
Beauty Bush is an easy-care plant that exhibits drought-tolerance and benefits from thinning older stems after flowering. A classic pass along plant that is native to China.

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Kolkwitzia Amabilis Seeds, Beauty Bush
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