Lachenalia Aloides, Cape Cowslip, 10 Seeds

Lachenalia Aloides
Also known as Cape Cowslip

A cheerful South African bulbous perennial 6-12" in height, with strap-shaped, usually purple-spotted leaves and erect racemes of tubular orange-yellow flowers 3cm in length from late winter to spring.

This has been known to be the easiest lachenalia to grow, and it only requires average amounts of water. They can tolerate full sun. Though you will not want to leave their bulbs out in the ground during hard frost. If your in a colder region, they do make wonderful indoor potted plants. It will stand a minimum temperature of 37F for a very short period of time.

This offer is for 10 very small seeds.

Lachenalia Aloides, Cape Cowslip, 10 Seeds
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