Lysidice Rhodostegia *Very Rare* Tree 50 seeds, Miriam Flower

Lysidice Rhodostegia
Also known as: The Miriam Flower

We are very excited to be able to offer this species! One of Southern China's most conspicuous flowering trees and it is extremely rare any where out side of there.
The fragrant flowers form spreading clusters that cover the treetop. Look at the photos and just imagine the beauty in person! The petals are violet and the protruding stamens pure white. At the base of the flower are whorls of red and pink leaf-like calyxes and bracts that remain for weeks after the blossoms have faded. Flowering from June to August and fruits from September to November in its native land. It can form into a shrub or small tree, 2–5 m tall, rarely more than 10 m tall making it ideal for smaller yards. The wood is hard and heavy, and can be valuable. The roots, stems, and leaves are somewhat toxic. They have been used medicinally to relieve pain from rheumatism and arthritis and for detumescence.
It grows best in humid tropical and subtropical lowlands. We do not know how cold hardy this species is, nor do we know the USDA zone. It can be grown and will bloom as a container specimen. 

This offer is for 50 seeds.

*We also offer this species in packs of 5 seeds.

Lysidice Rhodostegia *Very Rare* Tree 50 seeds, Miriam Flower
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