Parkinsonia Aculeata Seeds, Mexican Palo Verde, Jerusalem Thorn

Parkinsonia Aculeata
Also known as: Mexican Palo Verde, Jerusalem Thorn

This here is a fast growing, graceful-looking thorny shrub or small tree for poor soils, with unusual green bark and a long blooming period. It can be single stemmed or form multiple trunks, and because its fine-textured foliage it is good for filtering sun to create a pleasant dappled shade. Normally it will grow 12-15 ft but can reach 36 ft.
A spectacular display of clustered pea-like flowers are yellow- orange and fragrant, 20 mm in diameter, growing from a long slender stalk in groups of eight to ten. Blooming starts in spring and makes the whole tree look like a giant yellow bouquet and has been long cultivated as an ornamental. After flowering a tan fruit pod forms with a papery sheath. Native Americans harvested the seeds of Jerusalem thorn which they sun dried for storage and parched over dry heat before eating. 
It is very drought, heat, and saline tolerant once established, and does require a full sun location.
Hardy to at least 20-25° F, USDA zones 8-11.
Native to desert grasslands and canyons in Mexico and the SW U.S. 

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Parkinsonia Aculeata Seeds, Mexican Palo Verde, Jerusalem Thorn
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