Passiflora Mollissima 10 Seeds, Banana Passion Fruit Vine

Passiflora Mollissima
Also known as: The Banana Passion fruit, Curaba

This is a very beautiful, tasty, and easy to grow member of the Passiflora family. It is native to Andes, and is found wild in Venezuela, Columbia, Peru, and Bolivia. The vine grows to over 20ft, and is a vigorous grower. The large bright pink flowers attract hummingbirds, as well as being a favorite food of the butterflies. The flowers bloom continuously throughout the year.
Deep within the foliage of the plant it produces dozens of large, bright yellow fruits. They are fairly sweet, and when very ripe can be eaten right from the vine. Many recipes can be found on the internet for making these fruit into tasty treats and beverages.

Prefers a cooler and less humid environment than other passion flowers. Hardy in zones 9.

This offer is for 10 fresh seeds.

Passiflora Mollissima 10 Seeds, Banana Passion Fruit Vine
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