Sesbania Grandiflora Tree 100 Seeds, Humming Bird Tree

Sesbania Grandiflora
Also known as the Scarlet Wisteria, Australian Corkwood, and the Humming Bird Tree

This is another one of Mother Nature’s artful creations that is highly ornamental and versatile, from Asia and Australia! This hard to find tree is amazingly quick growing to only about 10meters in height, with a straight trunk. November-June it creates a floral canopy of rather large 3-4" distinctively curved, rose colored blooms. These flowers are absolutely gorgeous to see in person.
Seedlings can bloom clusters in as little as 1.5 years even potted, and less then 4' tall! It is frost tender and intolerant of long periods of cool temperatures. So if your concerned, keep it potted and bring it indoors, you will still get your blooms.
Also said to be flood tolerant.

The flowers and leaves are edible and served up many different ways, even fried and dipped in butter. The bark, leaves, gum, and flowers are considered medicinal in many ways as well.

Not to be confused with Sesbania Punicea, which both tree's are sometimes called 'Scarlet Wisteria' because they somewhat look similar in pictures.

This offer is for 100 seeds.

*We also offer these in packs of 20 and 500 seeds.

Sesbania Grandiflora Tree 100 Seeds, Humming Bird Tree
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