Spathodea Campanulata, African Tulip Tree 5,000 Seeds

Spathodea Campanulata
Also known as the wonderful African Tulip Tree

A profusion of color! Large orange scarlet flowers that are crinkled tuliplike bells, that come from the rainforests of Africa. Glossy green pinnate leaves.

There is a real good chance, that no one in your neighborhood has this tree LOL Plan to be the center of attention!

Grows 50-60' tall, 35-50'wide
Top growth may be killed at 28-30degrees, but the roots may survive down to 22degrees.
Full sun for fast growth and best flowering.

We suggest ALL young plants be protected during light frost, just until they get well established, if they are said to handle frosts at all!!!

This offer is for 5,000 seeds.

*We also offer this beautiful tree in packs of 50, 500, and 1000 seeds. For larger amounts please email us!

Spathodea Campanulata, African Tulip Tree 5,000 Seeds
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