Strongylodon Siderospermus, Rare Wooded Jade Vine Creeper Seed

Strongylodon Siderospermus Vine

A very rare and protected species.

Many of you may be familiar with the the Blue Jade vine 'Strongylodon Macrobotrys', well this is an outstanding variety of that same vine. Native to the Western Pacific and New Guinea.

Bursting with orange/red or coral colored claw like blooms that hang like grape clusters 10-40cm long! Growing to about 33ft high with 3 ovate leaflets, just like the 'Blue Jade Vine' and all the vines in the Mucuna family (which the Mucuna look very simular, but not related to each other).

Does well naturally in the shade, blooming more in bright light but no burning sun. So far the recommendations are for seedlings not to go below 60degrees F, MAX to be on the safe side. It requires constant humidity and therefore requires to be grown in a green house if one lives in temperate areas.

Collectors will know this is a good find!

**This is not to be confused with the red Mucuna Bennettii**

Extra photo of the blue Strongylodon Macrobotrys is for example only.

This offer is for 1 seed.

Strongylodon Siderospermus, Rare Wooded Jade Vine Creeper Seed
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